Full Pitching Script (Houses)

Hi ___________,Thanks so much for taking the time out to speak with me this morning. As discussed, my name is __________and I am the Owner of ________________. We are interested in leasing # OF HOMES homes that you have available under a Corporate Partnership. Essentially, what this means is we’d like to submit a Corporate Leasing Application with you so that we can furnish and provide housing for our professional clients. 
YOUR COMPANY NAME will assume full lease responsibility by following your payment terms and policies. We are currently seeking a 12-month lease with you and open to leasing multiple properties if permitted. There is a high demand for housing in CITY,STATE OF PROPERTY and your properties seem to fit our company standards as well as those of our clients!
Our company specializes in furnished short to long-term rentals for our prospective clients, dependent upon contract terms, while our ideal client stay is thirty days or more. YOUR COMPANY NAME caters to a variety of professionals which include Healthcare, Business, Film Cast and Crew and Contractors. We also provide Insurance Housing if the need arises.Our mission is to Ensure quality and comfort to our guests while they are traveling away from home.
We assume the responsibility of 5-star property management to include exceptional housekeeping upon every guest checkout as well as maintenance if needed. We offer a luxury experience and screen our potential clientele thoroughly. All of our clients are aware of our strictpolicy which prohibits Smoking, Pets (in some instances), Parties, Reckless Behavior and Loud Noise.
Our search for potential clients transcends typical cold calling methods, we utilize internet travel sites to advertise and bring awareness to our company. This allows potentials to be directly routed to our website where they answer our pre-screening questionnaire. If pre-screening is successful, they are submitted for tier 2 screening. This model has been proven efficient repeatedly, as we have a solid reputation to uphold.
We work with a lot of communities locally and countrywide and would love to work with you as well. If you accept our proposal I’d love to advance to the next step.
Thank You,

This Script was written as a reminder to NOT limit your property search to apartments! Privately owned homes, condos etc. are a great way to get started and in most cases easier to land because private owners don’t have to follow company rules and guidelines the way apartments do. Keep your options open!

Also keep in mind that when searching for Houses to rent, you may find that the actual homeowner has placed the home with a property management company to handle all affairs of finding qualified tenants. Don’t let this scare you away! Business as usual.

I suggest calling the property owner or property agent of the property of interest first to inquire, explaining who you are and a little about what you do and then ask for an email where you will then use this script.