Hey guys! I’m Melissa, your Airbnb Strategist. Who woulda ever thought I’d be surpassing my exceptional salary as a Healthcare IT Professional with Airbnb?! It’s mind blowing how life works! All it took for me was Knowledge, Strategy, and Enthusiasm for this Industry.

I’ve never been a stranger to hard work. In fact, I worked so hard in my last entrepreneurial business years ago, that I became burnt out and had no time to enjoy the things I love. It was so hands on that I was truly working IN my business instead of ON my business.

Experience breeds wisdom, and with that, my primary interest has been Passive Income. I have Airbnb properties that generate passive income daily, but it gets even better..I don’t have to OPERATE them nor do I OWN them! Hold up What?? YESSSS.. Automation is key and I’m here to show you all how to literally make money In your sleep! We’re working Smarter not Harder OK!! (Lol)

Cheers to Living Your Best Life,

~ Melissa

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